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Here comes the second part of our new series which features the Top 5 games of various genres. Today we present you our choice of Top Shooters on the OUYA. You want to watch the TOP5 Video first. Here you go.


No 1 Meltdown by Phenomenon Games

This might not be a shooter in the real sense of the word, but it’s damn hard to master and the detailed art style is stunning and unique. Top controls, a fantastic soundtrack and the character progression made this our No 1.

Watch our gameplay video on youtube or the short review in the Weekly recap – Week 48.


Neon Shadow

No 2 Neon Shadow by Tasty Poison Games

If you liked the classic Doom or Quake series, you really can’t go wrong with Neon Shadow. Tasty Poison succeeded to bring fast paced action gameplay onto the OUYA. After only a short time the perfectly solved controls let you even forget you’re playing a FPS with a gamepad. The multiplayer online mode is hardly beatable in terms of atmosphere and addictive gameplay.

Watch the gameplay video here or the short review of the Weekly recap – Week 45.


AVP Evolution

No 3 AVP Evolution by Angry Mob Games

Alien or Predator, what is your destiny? No matter what side you choose, there will be blood. Lots of blood! Actually you get two whole games for one. The awesome visuals of AVP Evolution show what the OUYA is capable of. Each side has its own storyline, special moves and finishing kills. If you’re into heavy gore level and atmospheric soundtrack, you’ll have a hell lot of fun with this game.

Check our full review, watch our gameplay video, or the short review at our Weekly Recap – Week 39.



No 4 Shadowgun by MADFINGER Games

The  fantastic visual presentation and the 5h story-driven single-player campaign with multiple outcomes will draw you in. The A.I. is a class of its own and maneuvers based on military strategy. Your enemies flank, cover and work in a team to stop you. Wether you like pure blasting or hacking mini-games, Shadowgun has it all.

Watch our gameplay on youtube.


Overkill 2

No 5 Overkill 2 by Craneballs Studios

Are you obesessed with weapons and a champion marksman? Overkill 2 could be your poison. More than 30 incredibly detailed weapons await you to be upgraded. When in action you’re stuck in one spot, your weapon in front of you. Survive the next wave to gain XP and money for more firepower and climb on the leaderboards.

See the short review as part of our Weekly recap – Week 48 or watch the gameplay video.

Other FPS you might like on the OUYA

Homeland Strike Force, Open Arena, Mech Battle ArenaCritical Missions: Swat Free, Killing Floor: Calamity


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