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Here comes the first part of a new series which features the Top 5 games in different gaming genres. Today we start with our choice of Top RPGs on the OUYA. You want to watch the TOP5 Video first. Here you go.

No 1 Order & Chaos Online by Gameloft

Our No 1 definitely is Order and Chaos online. It’s a World of Warcraft clone with a charm all of its own. The clever controls make this MMORPGs really easy to handle with a gamepad. Hundreds of Quests and an interesting story spellbind the online RPG fan for countless hours.

Read our game review or watch our Let’s play series of Order & Chaos on our Youtube Channel.



No 2 Wraithborne by Alpha Dog Games

Wraithborne with its fantastic artwork is an intense action RPG with great voice acting and a captivating story. The force is strong with the NPCs in this game. You better have a reasonable strategy or the next boss will crush you blindfolded.

Get more infos at our Weekly recap Week 33 or watch our Wraithborne gameplay video.



No 3 Reaper by Hexage

The tale of a pale swordsman is a unique story, fantastic gameplay and great sound paired with intuitive controls and a stunning art style. While you level up, the tribes and other opponents will give you a hard fight. Be sure to buy the Dark Legend Edition for some unique extras, an additional world and extra skill cards. After a while it gets a little repetitive.

Learn more in our review our watch the gameplay video on our Youtube Channel.


Pocket RPG

No 4 – Pocket RPG by Tasty Poison Games

You like to play short but with captivating gameplay. You like to slay tons of monsters and you’re always up to get the 100%. Can’t go wrong with Pocket RPG by Tasty Poison. The procedural rendered level designs garanty high replayability.

Watch our gameplay video or our review as part of the Weekly Recap – Week 35 to 37.



No 5 – bitDungeon by KintoGames

bitDungeon by KintoGames is a fantastic little Action-RPG with great variety and countless mini-boss action. Every dungeon chamber you enter on the quest to free your wife holds some surprises for you. This little RPG has a high longterm-fun-level guaranteed.

Watch our footage about bitDungeon as part of the Weekly Recap – Week 35 to 37.

Further recommendations

If you’re a real RPG fan, take a look at these little gems which didn’t get on our Top5 list but are worth getting played:

100 RoguesDeep Dungeons of DoomFallen WorldLemegeton Master Edition, Monster RPG 2, MotryaThe Bard’s Tale

Our TOP5 RPG Special Video

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