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Here comes the fifth part of our new series which features the Top 5 games of various gaming genres. This time we show you our choice of Top Platformer Games on the OUYA. You want to watch the TOP5 Video first. Here you go. [I know, I’m really late with this post. But since my partner left the project, I also stopped publishing on the site on a regular basis.]Maldita Castilla

No 1 Maldita Castilla by Locomalito

If you liked Ghost ‘n’ Goblins on the arcade machines of the 1980s, you’ll love Maldita Castilla! It’s wonderfully graphics and superb level design will catch every retro games fan. But beware! Maldita is as hard as it’s model. There’s no saving or other sissy stuff! You have to master it all at once.

Watch our short review at our Weekly Recap – Week 43 or our Gameplay video.

Muffin Knight

No 2 Muffin Knight by Angry Mob Games

Beware! Muffin Knight can be quite addictive.Tons of funny characters and a quite challenging skill level keep you hooked for a while. The graphics are beautifully done and the intro alone is worth spending time with Muffin Knight. Seeing a fairy pulling her pants up was simply hilarious and quite unique, I think. The whole game is full of such funny ideas and the voice acting of the old woman is brilliant. Watch our short review at the Weekly Recap – Week 42 or read our game review.

Wind-up Knight

No 3 Wind-up Knight by Robot Invader

This great looking game, which was rather successfull on the Android market, really benefited from the OUYA port. The small screen just didn’t do justice. The graphics are beautiful and the animated backgrounds give a great feel to the medieval environment. The 50+ levels keep you busy for a while and the tongue in cheek humor is quite entertaining. If your looking to just kill a little time or have a nice long gaming session you can’t go wrong with Wind-up Knight. Read our full review here.

Donkey Me

No 4 Donkey Me by Bruno R. Marcos

The artwork of the Donkey-Kong clone is beautiful designed and the retro sound is simply stunning. You love the original Donkey Kong but are done with good old Jumpman/Mario? Now you can save the cat with Ripley, free Melinda as Quaid, reunite with C3PO and R2D2 as Luke or rescue Chewbacca as Han Solo? Donkey Me offers lots of amazing film-set skins to be conquered. The good old days of Arcade come to life again on the big screen. A must-play for Retro Gamers and fans of Sci-Fi classics of the 70s and 80s! Watch our short review at Weekly Recap – Week 47 or watch the gameplay video at our Gameplay Channel.

Freedom Fall

No 5 Freedom Fall by Stirfire Studios

Don’t save the Princess, she’s evil. Escape that bitch, but your survival is highly improbable. The artwork of this down scrolling platformer is stunning and I really liked the level design. It keeps you quite busy and the dark humoured story is very funny too. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Watch the short review here.

Other Platform Games you might have missed on the OUYA

I also really liked Pizza Boy, Super Lemonade Factory, Babylonian Twins, The Secret of Space Octopuses, X S.E.E.D.

Our TOP5 Platform Special Video

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