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Here comes the third part of our new series which features the Top 5 games of various gaming genres. This time we present you (our) my kids choice of Top Kids Games on the OUYA. You want to watch the TOP5 Video first. Here you go.


No 1 Bombsquad by Eric Froemling

Basically you’re this little girl or guy carrying bombs and throwing them at your opponents. Or you catch the boxing gloves first … The real fun begins, when you hook up with up to 8 people and play “Capture the Flag” or each against the other in “Onslaught”. Can’t beat the long-term fun factor of this great game with its unique art style. Seriously one of the best and most fun local multiplayer games I ever played!

Read our review or watch our short review as part of Weekly Recap – Week 50.



No 2 Towerfall by Matt Makes Games Inc.

What fun is at Bombsquad is ambition at Towerfall. If you sit down for a little match with your buddies it could easily last for hours. With four game modes, including “Headhunter” and “Team Deathmatch” and more than 20 different variants like “Slow Motion” Towerfall leaves you with countless methods to customize your gameplay experience. The rules are easy but you have to practise hard to become a master of archery combat. One of the games we play on a regular basis.

Learn more at our full review of Towerfall.


Amazing Frog

No 3 Amazing Frog? by Fayju

Amazing Frog is a phenomenon. If you ask, what’s the point of a game where there is no real goal, no enemy, no hero. If you ask this questions you’re wrong at this game. If you are the try-everything-type-of-gamer and just want to see how it feels to get fired out of a cannon, this is for you. As an extra you get farting frogs, dozens of costumes like the “Darth Frog” and Zombies in the sewers. This piece just is hilarious.

Watch our gameplay video or read our review here.


It Takes Two

No 4 It Takes Two by Epiphany

I almost looked overlooked this cute little puzzle platformer for 2 players by Epiphany. One of my sons discovered the thumbnail by accident and wanted to test it immediately. He played with his older sister just to discover, he had to cooperate with her instead of stepping into competition as usual. This lecture was hard to learn but after a few minutes the two of them managed to complete the first level together. The harmony over the shared success lasted only for minutes but I could see little glimpses of a world where both siblings co-exist in peace and harmony. 😉

Watch our gameplay video or read more about the game here.


Oh My Goat

No 5 Oh My Goat by CremaGames SL

Rescue all cube-turned animals with the help of the Shaman and return them to their normal state. The visual style of this game is cute and professional. The controls are simple, but the more than 300 levels with all kind of obstacles will really challenge your reflexes. Plan some extra time if you’re into scoring the 100%.

Watch our gameplay video on youtube.


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