TOP 5 Games on the OUYA right now – Day of the OUYA TV #1

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Here’s our new feature, Day of the OUYA TV! Took us quite some time but now we’re ready to roll.

The first episode deals with the question “What are the TOP 5 Games on the OUYA right now?” and you might be surprised about at least one of the picks. Make sure to watch it in HD.

So, do you agree or disagree with our picks? What are you favorite games in the OUYA store right now? Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. Yes it has been online before, but we had to take it down because the sound on mobile devices wasn’t playing properly. That of course, was unacceptable! Now everything is working the way it should.

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About Tim von Janssen

Tim has started playing PC Games at the tender age of 8 (ca.1990-1991) on monochrome screens and hasn’t stopped ever since. Due to that love for video games that has developed very early Tim also knows why older games very successful despite mediocre graphics. One simple reason: gameplay. Tim feels that with the development of the OUYA and the stronger focus on indie game studios is the right step towards better gaming experiences that rely more heavily on unique game concepts and better gameplay in general. Tim at Google+

3 thoughts on “TOP 5 Games on the OUYA right now – Day of the OUYA TV #1

  1. Chris

    Fantastic video!

    I agree with your top choices, however, I have only one controller so I haven’t gotten into Towerfall other than the time trials (Not much of a game).

    Either way, Fester Mudd looks awesome. I am big Day of the Tentacle (I would be surprised if the owner of this site isn’t as well), and Curse of Monkey Island fan. Fester Mudd looks like it could bring some of that to the OUYA.

    1. Tim von Janssen Post author

      Haha yeah Chris, we happen to be BIG Day of the Tentacle fans 😉

      You should absolutely check out Fester Mudd. Recaptures that old-school feel perfectly.

      Thanks for the compliment, about the video! We’re trying our best.

  2. Chris

    I agree with your top 3. Bomb Squad, Towerfall and Nightmare tower are great.

    Vector, Nimble Quest, Ice Hockey, and Flip Riders are other top games in my opinion.

    I never played Fester Mudd (Will do soon). Hate Bardstale though.


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