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Here comes the fourth part of our new series which features the Top 5 games of various gaming genres. This time we show you our choice of Top Adventure Games on the OUYA. You want to watch the TOP5 Video first. Here you go.

The Cave

No 1 The Cave by Double Fine Productions

You want to play a classic adventure like Day of the Tentacle in a new guise? For The Cave two great masters of the adventure genre, Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer, put together their wit and skill to create seven hilarious characters to master the enigma of the talking cavern. The game is funny, partially sarcastic and always amusing. This action adventure is a must-play for all lovers of the classics of the genre.

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No 2 Clark by GoldenTricycle

Clark the repair robot is cute, smart and funny, but he has a big task to master. All other robots went nuts and the space ship is not working anymore. And there’s also mother and her deadly drones. The fantastic artwork and the really challenging puzzles make this game a must-play for all action puzzle fans. Golden Tricyle, a small game studio from Berlin, did excellent work with their first game ever. Hope to see more from them in the future.

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Another World

No 3 Another World by Eric Chahi

What should I tell about one of the best action adventures, platformers of all times? Which genre fan didn’t play Lester in this 1991s classic on the Amiga, Atari, Sega or any other system? The cinematic effects had blown our minds at that time and they still do in the enhanced 20th Anniversary Edition on Android and the OUYA. If you missed it then, take your chance now. If you loved it, play it again on the big screen. It’s still as hard as ever, but every achievement you earn gives you that great feeling many actual games fail to!

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Hero of Many

No 4 Hero of Many by Trickster Arts

Hero of Many isn’t a game in the conventional sense, it’s a journey through dangerous underwater caves. Lead your swarm of white cells through more than twenty levels, multiply and fight your way to freedom. If you allow yourself to get involved in this unconventional story-driven adventure, you’ll get sucked in by the amazing artstyle and the atmospheric soundtrack. This game is art in animation.

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Fester Mudd Episode 1

No 5 Fester Mudd Episode 1 by Replay Games

Fester Mudd is a point-and-click-adventure in the style of classic LucasArt games we all love since our childhood. As Fester you have to find your brother Bud who found gold and asked you to help him mine that gold. But don’t you think that’s an easy quest! Every true Retro-Gamer will love the well-done artwork, the tons of humor and the feeling to be home again. If you liked Indiana Jones or Maniac Mansion you will enjoy Fester Mudd.

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