Game Reviews

  • Raiden Legacy
    Raiden Legacy

    This old skool Shoot ’em Up series was originally created by Seibu Kaihatsu. The Legacy package includes the original Raiden (1990) and three Spin-Offs: Raiden Fighters (1996), Raiden Fighters II (1997) and Raiden Fighters Jet (1998).

  • Muffin Knight on OUYA Review
    Muffin Knight

    Brilliant little game that’s similar to Super Crate Box but from my point of view much better and funnier. Rainbow shitting unicorns anyone?

  • Dead Rushing
    Dead Rushing HD

    Kill all zombies and collect zombie heads for player upgrades across 5 stages. Dead Rushing is a fast paced arcade zombie smasher! If you’re any good, play difficulty hard!

  • AVP: Evolution
    AVP: Evolution

    If you like the Alien VS Predator franchise you’ll love AVP: Evolution on the OUYA. Choose your destiny! Want to be a state-of-the-art combat Predator or the living weapon, the Alien. Your life as Alien starts as Facehugger where you first have to find a host to breed in. Engineer your own Alien with character upgrades and enhance your abilities.

  • Potato Man seeks the troof
    Potato Man Seeks the Troof

    Ridiculously funny little game that could become another “Rage Quit” platformer. Had to laugh so many times while playing this. Amazing game.

  • Clark by Tricycle Games

    Games like Clark are the types of games that really excell on the OUYA. Amazing graphics, hardcore puzzles and a lovable main character. All that and more is what makes Clark so great.

  • Sky Arena
    Sky Arena

    A single- and multiplayer shoot ‘em up in early development stage. I don’t like the controls and you loose half of the screen if you play two by two. They also have to work on the graphics. A bit too early to judge, sure has potential though.

  • Reaper

    Set in Wilderness, a world devided between imperials and tribes, a Black Swordsman is on his quest for fame and honor. It’s on you to help him slaying thousands of beasts, tribesmen, soldiers and other terrifying enemies in this fantastic side-scrolling action RPG.

  • Choplifter HD
    Choplifter HD

    In Choplifter HD you take the role of a newcomer pilot joining the international helicopter rescue team. You command a variety of helicopters in over 30 missions from freeing POWs to saving war reporters or survivors of viral outbreaks.

  • Gaurodan

    You play Gaurodan, the bird of thunder. In your rage you fly around the Canary Islands, destroy cities, whipe out whole armies and fight huge boss creatures. But be warned! This game is hard as hell. You only have one life. Make it count!