Rainbow Cat Dev Diary #3

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Rainbow Cat

Introduction: This post is the third part of a series we’re running. We always wanted to give developers a chance to showcase their games even before they are finished. This should help developers build a fanbase and also get valuable feedback from their audience.

The Rainbow Cat Dev Diary will show you all the hard work that goes into developing a hilarious platform game.

If you want to know more about Thomas Evans or read the whole story, go here: first partsecond part.

Thomas is also looking for a better name for the game. We suggested “Trippy (the) Cat”. What’s your idea for a new name? Let Thomas know what you would suggest in the comments below. Off to Thomas now!

[Game Progress of Rainbow Cat]

This update took a little longer than the last one, but I took my time so I could get to where
I wanted to be before continuing.

Rainbow Cat Screenshot 1

You can play the current version yourself here!

I spent some more time working on controls again – it supports the Xbox 360 controller now (uses the left thumbstick and A button), so if you have one, give it a go! Otherwise on keyboard the only controls are the down and side arrow keys with space bar for jumping. The game essentially is set up a lot like Super Meat Boy if you’ve ever played that – while you’re stuck to a wall, hold which direction you want to go and press jump.

Graphically, the game looks more like a game now! The cat is animated, the platforms have grass and dirt tiles, and the background has some colour to it. I quickly threw together some clouds with parallax scrolling – basically the background clouds move slower than the foreground platforms, giving the picture depth. Doing the grass tiles was interesting, as I haven’t had much experience with pixel art before – I worked in some shapes like squares and swirls to add to the sort of surreal feel I’m aiming for.  The ‘spikes’ are actually syringes.

Grass tiles - they aren't perfect but they're better than black and red boxes!

Grass tiles – they aren’t perfect (yet) but they’re better than black and red boxes!

The level I built this time is probably once again too difficult for beginners – I need to focus on the pace of my level design. Luckily I can now create levels very quickly in Construct 2, so for the next update I’d like to focus on level design.

To-do list for my next post: Nicer clouds (and any other miscellaneous graphics), animated checkpoints and end of level portals, and three ‘complete’ levels with scaling difficulty. Also I need to make a decision on the name – any more ideas?

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