Rainbow Cat Dev Diary #1

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Rainbow Cat Dev Diary #1

Introduction: This post is the first part of a new series we’re running. We always wanted to give developers a chance to showcase their games even before they are finished. This should help developers build a fanbase and also get valuable feedback from their audience.

The Rainbow Cat Dev Diary will show you all the hard work that goes into developing a hilarious platform game.

Thomas Evans was a contact of ours on Twitter and we were making jokes how we’d force him to finally make his game. “One thing lead to another” and after playing a very simple prototype of Rainbow Cat we just had to get Thomas on our team.

[Introducing Thomas Evans]

My name is Thomas Evans, and I’m going to make (or at least attempt to make!) a finished game that I aim to eventually release on the OUYA.

This is the first in a series of dev diaries that I’ll be writing every ~3 weeks to document my progress and creative process in making a game. These entries will be great for me, as they will provide focus, direction and a pseudo-deadline for making things happen, and they’ll hopefully be great to read as well, as I aim to show a breakdown of the steps I take from idea to completion.

Will this take a long time? Yes. Am I nervous? Hell yes!

So let’s get right into it then.

Rainbow Cat Prototype Screenshot

Rainbow Cat!

‘Rainbow Cat’ (working title  – I’m open to suggestions) is a Fez meets Super Meat boy style platformer about a cute 8-bit cat who goes on an acid trip. The cat can explosively barf rainbows to double jump, wall jump and vaporize enemies caught in the blast.

Playing as the cat, the level designs, game mechanics and themes get progressively more and more trippy as you collect pills to advance through the game. The level themes reflect an exaggerated narrative of the cat’s experience, from the initial unbounded happiness of rolling green hills to the nightmarish hell of a cave where cute animals become hostile monsters.

Currently, I have produced a quick prototype for the main platforming mechanics to base the more final designs on. You can check out the very rough and unforgiving prototype here, if you dare.

It was created in Construct 2, which is an event based HTML5 engine – it’s free to try, and very easy to get into so check it out here if you’re interested.

I will be using the full version of Construct 2 to develop the game. A couple really solid uses of this engine that have inspired me are the gravity-based platformer Airscape, and the upcoming Super Ubie Land which should be making its way onto the OUYA at some point in the future, so keep an eye out.

Where I’m at currently

Over the past couple months I’ve been slowly filling up an ‘ideas book’, which is just an A4 exercise book that I use to jot down ideas when they come to me – it’s important to grab those flashes of inspiration so that I don’t forget. It’s also good for general brain storming, calculations and concept development.

By the next post in about 2-3 weeks from now, I’m aiming to get the basic functionality of the prototype built again with some more structure and without the bugs. This means using a box with the rough dimensions of the cat, and giving it all the movement abilities and controls that it will need. I would also like to get all the elements I need to make a complete ‘level’ implemented – checkpoints, (placeholder)collectibles, and an end condition. I’ll take screenshots to explain it as I go – but until then, play the prototype to get a feel.

[Day of the OUYA]

Please remember that Thomas has only started with his game. This is by no means a finished game. However, it is already fucking challenging to get past the first double red cubes on the wall.

It also fun to see the Rainbow Cat shoot rainbows. When I first tried it I couldn’t stop laughing and imagening how the final game would be like with all this trippy scenery around it. We are looking forward to showing you more of Thomas progress.

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