Pairing PS3 Controller with your OUYA (update!)

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Pairing PS3 controller with OUYA
Three of your friends came over to play Bombsquad and you only bought two OUYA controllers? Oh wait, you still have two PS3 controllers laying around? No problem! You can just pair them with your OUYA. They’re not working for all games in the store, but most should do. Tell us, which games you could’t play at all with your PS3 controller.

Follow these steps to pair your PS3 controller

  • start your OUYA and pair one OUYA controller
  • plug your PS3 controller into the OUYA with your mini-USB cable
  • press the home button on your PS3 controller. When you get back to the OUYA home screen, make sure, your PS3 controller is paired. Your OUYA controller is disconnected because plugging in a controller in USB turns off bluetooth.
  • Shutdown your OUYA by holding down the power button for 5 seconds.
  • unplug the PS3 controller from USB
  • start your OUYA
  • when the controller pairing screen appears, pair your PS3 controller by pressing the home button
  • pair your OUYA controllers

Now let the games begin!

The PS3 controller sometimes won’t turn itself off properly when shutting down the OUYA. Press and hold the PS button for ten seconds to turn it off for sure. [Tip by Ryan Whitwam]

Pair your controller with PS3 again

If you want to use your PS3 controller on your PS3 again, just plug it in with USB once and press the home button. That’ll do it. Just make sure, your OUYA isn’t running at the same time. 😉

If your OUYA controllers stopped pairing (update!)

If for some reason the pairing of your OUYA controllers stopped working, try the following steps:

  • definitely plug an USB mouse into the OUYA (this doesn’t shut down bluetooth!)
  • bring your OUYA  controller in the pairing mode by pressing the OUYA button a few seconds
  • make bluetooth visible for 2 minutes in the controller menu of the OUYA
  • look for un-paired controllers in the menue and pair them by clicking them
  • if they all seem paired but don’t work, un-pair them via the settings menu to the right of the actual controller, then do a new search for un-paired controllers (that worked for me. No problems since!)

[tip from James Coote from Crystalline Green, photo of PS3 controller by Evan-Amos]

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15 thoughts on “Pairing PS3 Controller with your OUYA (update!)

  1. Bruno soalheiro

    Hi Guys, My ps3 and ps4 controllers works just fine on ouya, with the USB cable. I dont care about the cable. Problem is, the home button doesnt work. And I need to acess emulators configs during the games, othewise i cant save my progress, Can anybody help me?

  2. Adi

    I bought a third party PS3 controller, and I can’t get it to work through Bluetooth. When I plug it in (USB), it controls the ouya just fine, although all four lights continuously blink. It also shows up on my Bluetooth management screen as if it’s paired, but when I unplug it, it doesn’t control my ouya anymore. Any ideas?

  3. Marcos

    Ok, i pair the Playstation 3 Controller, but i can’t turn off the playstation controller with the ouya options. Any suggestion?

  4. mike

    I’m having an issue playing two player on the ps.emu with 1 ouya and 1ps3 paired. Seem like it getting interferes on the ps3 controller. The ouya controller seems fine. Any ideas? The only issue I see is the ps and the ouya are both paired as 1 on the lights but it registered as 2 controllers.

  5. Thomas Reisser Post author

    Plugging in any controller via USB turns bluetooth off and all OUYA controllers disconnect. The only way to get it back on is to shut the OUYA down and then unplug the USB controller. If you unplug the PS3 controller before you restart, it sometimes doesn’t work. Turn the OUYA on again, and you should be able to connect the OUYA controllers. (Tip by James Coote)

  6. Chris

    What about any third-party PS3 controllers? Some of them are as cheap as $19.99 CDN (Vs $44.95 for the PS3 controller on Amazon)

  7. The Rook

    That is good to know. Thanks.

    I like the look and feel of the OUYA controller, but its lack of SELECT and START buttons bother me when it comes to running some of the console emulators. It looks like the PS3 controller might be the way to go, at least for me.

    1. Eric

      The ouya controller start button is clicking in the R3 button or right stick (press down). You can also map each button in most emulators. I still like PS3 controller better for gaming but you still need an ouya controller as the PS3 has no mouse pad

  8. The Rook

    Once you’ve paired a PS3 controller (or controllers) to your OUYA do you need to pair them everytime you start up your OUYA? Are you able to wake your OUYA with the PS3 controller then? Basically after you pair a PS3 controller do you need the OUYA controller anymore?

    1. Tim von Janssen

      No you don’t need to pair them everytime you start up.

      But you’re not able to wake your OUYA with the controller, unless your OUYA is in sleep mode.

      Actually you won’t need the OUYA controller at all, not even for pairing.

      1. Dennis van der Pool

        So, it’s possible to play with multiple PS3 Dual Shock Controllers at the same time? 🙂

          1. Dennis van der Pool

            Thanks! I just order 2 PS3 controllers one hour ago, will receive them tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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