New Game Releases for the OUYA – Week 51 – Day of the OUYA TV

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This is the Weekly Recap of newly released games for the OUYA. This episode is packed with new games. Great episode so short before christmas.

If we missed a new game that you thought was awesome, let us know in the comments below.

In this episode we’ll look at the games:
Killing Floor Calamity by Tripwire Interactive
Polarity by Bluebutton Games
Fenix Box by Green Lava Studios
Twin Robots by Thinice
Real Car Speed by Thunderbull
and Nub by Inferna Games


As always we’re starting this episode with our Game of the Week, which this time is called Killing Floor Calamity.
Tripwire Interactive who were also responsible for The Ball and the original Killing Floor game made an exclusive OUYA game in Killing Floor Calamity. The Calamity is the top-down version of the original Killing Floor and lots and lots of fun.
In your quest to kill countless waves of zombies you can actually play together with your best friend or significant other to have a better chance in surviving these nasty undeads. That is a great feature, since killing zombies is twice as much as fun when you do it together.
Additionally I think the setting and atmosphere of Killing Floor Calamity is awesome. I absolutely loved the snarky remarks of my character and my seargents comments after I died really cheered me up… in the kind of way where you want to strangle him, but anyone who has been to the Army knows that feeling right?
Anyway I think Killing Floor Calamity is a great addition to the OUYA store, yet I think the price of 14.99 is pretty steep. I know that Killing Floor is worth that price and developing a game specifically for the OUYA is risky. However, looking at The Cave and the price of 4.99 which made it an instant buy for me, I feel like Tripwire could actually make more money by reducing the price.
The only complaints I’ve heard about Killing Floor was that the price was too high, so who knows maybe Tripwire will lower the price like our next game.

Alright, alright I hear what you’re saying, Polarity isn’t a new game. You are right. But I wanted to direct your attention to it again since Bluebutton Games just lowered the price of Polarity to just 99 cents from originally 5 bucks. That early Christmas present was very much appreciated by me, since I hadn’t bought Polarity before. Honestly I had forgotten about it but the lower price was a great incentive to buy. I mean what’s 99 cents right?
I immediately played for a couple of hours and maybe you find that price reduction interesting as well.

Let’s proceed to a game that I had missed for some odd reason: Fenix Box.
Oh you know how much I like a good rage game. Fenix Box is just that. Raging in perfection.
There is no save function so you better come prepared to sink hours in this son of a b****.
Your goal is to reach the blue box with the black box. While Fenix Box advertised itself as a test of how much of a hardcore gamer you really are I thought “yeah yeah you and your empty promises Fenix”. It also started pretty slow and I thought they were kidding. Then the levels in the 20s started to become somewhat challenging. By the time I was in level 36 I was ready to kill someone.
I eventually had to stop because I had this Weekly Recap to do but trust me Fenix, we will meet again and I will destroy you!

What is that? You don’t like to kill people and would prefer to have a lower adrenalin level? How about Twin Robots?
Twin Robots is another game in the category buddy game in which you have to play two characters at the same time and only their cooperation wins this game.
I really like that type of game and Twin Robot is no different. It’s ok to look at and handles quite well. If you haven’t played any buddy games recently you will enjoy Twin Robots.

What? You don’t like to kill people but you like adrenalin? How about some legal racing?
Real Car Speed is a cool racing game and one of the better ones on the OUYA. The graphics and sound are ok and it’s a nice quick fix game when you have a few minutes to spare.
Real Car Speed reminded me of the traditional Need for Speed games before Hot Pursuit and tuning was introduced. It’s just like one of those old arcade racers, where the AI isn’t all that smart but you still enjoy playing it.

The last game this week is a game I missed last week. Nub by Inferna Games.
This strange little game is actually quite funny. As you jump through the different rooms you encounter all types of hazards ranging from simple spikes to sophisticated robots.
I still don’t know what I’m trying to accomplish in Nub but it still enticed me enough to forget time.
If you haven’t already given Nub a chance to win your heart and download it now.

So that’s it for this episode. I hope you’ll have a great Christmas time. I’ll be taking next week off to get some rest and we’ll see each other again in 20-14. Take care and thanks for watching. Byyyyeee.

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