New Game Releases for the OUYA – Week 50 – Day of the OUYA TV

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This is the Weekly Recap of newly released games for the OUYA. Only few new games were released this week so we’ve added a little extra at the end from within the OUYA scene.

If we missed a new game that you thought was awesome, let us know in the comments below.

This week’s games are:

Homeland Strike Force by roxIndie
BombSquad by Eric Froemling
and Quiet Christmas by Nostatic Software


Hello my fellow OUYAn and welcome to Day of the OUYA TV and our Weekly Recap. Since this week we had relatively few good new game releases I’ll also show you some footage from an OUYA game jam we were judges for. But first we’ll look at these games:
Homeland Strike Force by roxIndie
BombSquad by Eric Froemling
and Quiet Christmas by Nostatic Software

So let’s start with Homeland Strike Force, which despite its current beta stadium is actually quite nice to play.
In Homeland Strike Force you chase after an elusive terrorist who likes nothing better than to wreak havoc and chaos on American soil. After a big search and capture mission goes terribly wrong you and your partner are the only spec ops left on a once huge task force. So get your weapons ready it’s go-time.
Obviously Homeland Strike Force isn’t Call of Duty level but I still liked it. Because of the low-budget graphics the focus of this game is more on story and gameplay. Both are very well done and I got hooked as soon as I learned how to turn on night vision.
Considering the fact that Homeland Strike Force is still in beta I’m not going to be terribly hard on it. However, with a decent tutorial to learn the controls Homeland Strike Force could actually be a title that I would buy. The missing tutorial is in fact is the only thing I don’t like about this game. You jump right into your first mission without knowing what to do.
So when you try out Homeland Strike Force look at the menu first to learn the controls.

Next up is BombSquad by Eric Froemling which isn’t new but I felt like the new update Eric released this week might be of interest for a few of us who have kids.
Eric released the in-app purchases of Frosty the Snowman and Santa Clause which gives BombSquad an even higher fun level.
Santa is coming to town and instead of bearing gifts he throws bombs at you. Awesome addition to an already awesome game.

Quiet Christmas is the third game by Nostatic Software centering on a little girl who likes nothing better than quiet and cleanliness. In the sequel to Quiet Please you need to prepare the house for the upcoming Christmas eve. As usual you need to find various items like a cookie bowl to make cookies, the stockings of your little brother or a way to neutralize that annoying Santa Mr. Peabody has built in front of his house.
If you liked the other two titles by Nostatic Software you will also enjoy Quiet Christmas.

In the beginning I mentioned that we were judges in a game jam. A game jam is something like a hardcore game coding session that spans over several days, in this case 21. At the end the contestants present their games to the other participants and judges.
Together with Bob Mills from OUYA and the guys from Golden Tricycle, who created the game Clarc, we were part of the jury for the OUYA Game Jam Berlin.
The winner of this contest was Celestoids which had great appeal because of its really funky controls. When I first started Celestoids I immediately started to smile because it was just so ridiculous. As a party game, Celestoids has great potential since it’s so incredibly hard to maintain momentum and control that weird looking guy.
Now it just needs to be finished, which is probably going to take couple of months.
The second place went to Copperhead which is a twin stick space shooter with randomized levels and very awesome music. Actually I believe it was the music that made Copperhead so much fun to play and with a bit more polish Copperhead could be fun to play on the OUYA.
What was missing from Copperhead was some kind of story or goal. However, that could easily be added now and we’d have a fun game for our beloved system.

The third place went to Homebrew, which to be honest was my favorite game of this contest. It had the most polished look but was also lacking some core features which cost Homebrew the win.
In Homebrew you are a little witch that magically plants, waters and grows plants in her backyard to eventually make some kind of magical potion.
The part of watering and growing the plants looked really pretty and a lot of thought went into it. However, the next part when you brew your potion was missing and I think if that had been implemented, Homebrew would have gone home with the win.
Personally I see the biggest potential for Homebrew to be a success on the OUYA. It just lacked that final spark to succeed in this competition.

To get to an end, thanks to every contestant in the OUYA Game Jam Berlin. We really enjoyed your games and hope each and every one of you releases their game on the OUYA.
That is also the end of this Weekly Recap. We’ll see each other next week. Byyyeee.

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