New Game Releases for the OUYA – Week 06 – Day of the OUYA TV

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This is the Weekly Recap of newly released games for the OUYA. This is the final Day of the OUYA Weekly Recap ever. Pretty sad but circumstances required it.

— Video Transcript —

Hello my fellow OUYAn and welcome to this week’s weekly recap. At the end of this episode I have some sad news but let’s look at the game that is worth your time this week.
Into the Shadows by Dogbot Studios.
At first look I thought this game would be a total bust, but quite honestly I enjoyed playing it!
The fights were annoying at first but every time I died I wanted to get my revenge and before I knew it I had struck down my first boss monster.
The fighting system is quite different to other RPGs as you can basically hammer your buttons to win. The harder you press the buttons the better your chances of victory.
Yes of course the graphics aren’t all that great but who said you couldn’t enjoy a game without great graphics?
If you’re unsure about this game you should at least give it a try even if only for a couple of minutes.

Since this week had only one game that was ok I’ll start with the sad announcement. This is the last Day of the OUYA Weekly Recap ever.
I have just switched jobs and I need my full attention to focus on that new challenge.
However, that decision didn’t come out of nowhere since Thomas and I have been discussing the future of Day of the OUYA since a couple of months.
The OUYA market hasn’t grown as we had hoped and while we would love to dedicate more time to this project we just can’t justify spending that much time on a shrinking market with very little potential to ever do this full-time. Yet this was one of our goals from the very beginning.
It really is sad and I wished it would be different as I really enjoyed doing all these videos. Then again who knows maybe we’ll see each other in a new project once I’ve settled in at the new job.
Any way I’d really like to say thank you to all of you. Each and every one of you made the ride so much better and both Thomas and I had extreme fun interacting with you on Twitter and the other channels.
Thanks for sticking with us and we both hope you’ll still enjoy your OUYA. It’s a great console despite the shrinking market.
So take care and we’ll see each other again someday.

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Tim has started playing PC Games at the tender age of 8 (ca.1990-1991) on monochrome screens and hasn’t stopped ever since. Due to that love for video games that has developed very early Tim also knows why older games very successful despite mediocre graphics. One simple reason: gameplay. Tim feels that with the development of the OUYA and the stronger focus on indie game studios is the right step towards better gaming experiences that rely more heavily on unique game concepts and better gameplay in general. Tim at Google+

2 thoughts on “New Game Releases for the OUYA – Week 06 – Day of the OUYA TV

  1. Ryan Smith

    Very sad to see you guys go.

    I guess the Ouya development has slowed significantly unfortunately :(.

    Can only hope Ouya keeps pushing and grows the Ouya user base and makes it more interesting to developers.


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