New Game Releases for the OUYA – Week 05 – Day of the OUYA TV

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This is the Weekly Recap of newly released games for the OUYA. Big disappointment and one hell of a surprise included.

If we missed a new game that you thought was awesome, let us know in the comments below.

— Video Transcript —

Hello my fellow OUYAn and welcome to our Weekly Recap of new OUYA games worth your time
In this week’s Weekly Recap we’ll look at the games
Soul Fjord by Airtight Games
Gene Effect by Lightstorm 3D
and Crystal Picnic by Nooskewl

So let’s start this episode with Soul Fjord, which was the game I was really looking forward to play since Christmas. It was finally released on the 28th of January and I hate to say this, it wasn’t worth the wait.
I was expecting a brilliant RPG with an out of this world story and cool artwork and design. What we got is a game with awesome funkadelic music, a pretty hilarious storyline but mediocre gameplay.
When I saw the intro and how great the story would be I fell in love with Soul Fjord. Then I had to endure boring fights with monsters and level design that required me to use a map instead of being intuitive.
Frankly I still saw some potential in all of this. I still wanted to enjoy Soul Fjord. However, I couldn’t endure the same boring fights and levels again when I died. Additionally I didn’t appreciate how often I was asked to buy something ingame.
I’d much rather pay for the entire game than buy ingame stuff.
In the end that ingame stuff policy was the final straw. I was massively disappointed by both the game mechanics and that policy.
Maybe I was expecting too much and I didn’t give this game enough of a chance. But if I don’t enjoy playing my most anticipated game within the first few minutes I’ll try to spare you the same frustrations I encountered.
That means, no Soul Fjord is not the savior of the OUYA unfortunately. But our next game was pretty cool, let’s have a look at it.

Here comes our Game of the Week: Gene Effect!
What a pleasant surprise after the big disappointment. I started Gene Effect not knowing what to expect except from what I saw on the screenshots.
In Gene Effect you control a mining robot mining for rare minerals or fossils and relics. What I especially liked about this game was how soothing and relaxing it was.
You come home from a hard day’s work at the factory and you get into your futuristic mining robot and you’re having a great time winding down from the day.
That is what Gene Effect is good for. You don’t have to think, just act.
All in all Gene Effect looks very cool, has a great music and sound library and is very intuitive to play.
So what’s stopping you now? Oh you’re still at the factory? Sorry to hear that. Then you still absolutely have to download Gene Effect when you get home.

Our last game of this week has great potential but it seems like its developer is too greedy. In Crystal picnic you play as a delusional duck who’s running around with his best friend, a frog in order to find important answers. Why do the ants behave so strangely and why isn’t your protagonist a royal guard yet?
I really loved the humor in Crystal Picnic but I much rather would have appreciated if I had more time to test the game before buying. If the trial period had been for let’s say 60 instead of just 15 minutes I probably would have bought it right then and there. After 60 minutes I would have been heavily invested in the hilarious main characters and wanted to know what’s coming next.
Who knows, maybe the developer sees this video and actually increases the trial period. But until then, it’s really hard to make a fair judgement of this game. It still looks like fun and maybe you want to give it a try now. If so, have fun with it.

That’s it again for this week folks. Thanks for watching and see you next week. Byyyyee.

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