New Game Releases for the OUYA – Week 02 – Day of the OUYA TV

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This is the Weekly Recap of newly released games for the OUYA. This episode is rather short with only one game, but this game is actually pretty except from one thing. Find it out in the video.

If we missed a new game that you thought was awesome, let us know in the comments below.

In this episode we’ll look at the game:

Ultionus by Andrew Bado


Hello my friend and welcome to our Weekly Recap.
This episode will be rather short, since we only have one game that is actually worth your time.
Brace yourself for Ultionus – A tale of petty revenge.
Andrew Bado gave us this amazingly sexist and funny game which is a mix of shootem up and platformer game.
In the game better known as Jiggly Boobs your female hero Serena has to right an unspeakable wrong. She had been trolled on Spacebook, the future’s version of Facebook, by the self-absorbed Space Prince and now she wants her revenge.
In that case it means, and I quote, “total testicular annihilation”. If that doesn’t sound like fun to you maybe you should think about your life really, really hard.
In any case this game is pretty amazing and the soundtrack by Jake Kaufman is just breath taking.
However, the price of 9,99 for what comes down to 7 stages is pretty steep. For 5 to 6 bucks I could make an 100% recommendation but due the price I need to deduct a few percentage points.
In any case you should try out Ultionus, Name blabla – oh whatever you know what I mean. Just play Jiggly Boobs and maybe you do want to spend 10 bucks on this admittedly amazing game.

So that’s the end of this short Weekly Recap. Let’s hope that we’ll see some more and equally cool games next week. Until then thanks for watching and subscribing. Byyyeee.

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