New Game Releases for the OUYA – Week 01 – Day of the OUYA TV

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This is the Weekly Recap of newly released games for the OUYA. This episode is our first episode of 2014 and also includes the award for Overall Game of the Year 2013.

If we missed a new game that you thought was awesome, let us know in the comments below.

In this episode we’ll look at the games:
Pirate’s Battle
Santa Jump 3D


Hello my fellow OUYAn and welcome to this first Weekly Recap of 2014 which is also a special edition.

Due to the fact that the last two weeks have been extremely weak as far as new game releases are concerned we’ve decided to combine the coronation of the Game of the Year with the few new games that are actually worth playing.

So let’s start with our number 3 in the overall game of the year ranking: Towerfall.
I think there’s not much left to say about Towerfall by Matt Thorson. It has one of the highest fun levels of all games and whenever you have a party this little archers game can’t be missing.
The graphics are so cool and have so many small details that it’s really hard not to fall in love with Towerfall.
To be quite honest with you, all three games at the top would have deserved to be game of the year but in the end your votes on our site have decided. Towerfall had slightly fewer votes than our other contenders but it still is one of the best OUYA games you will ever play.

The silver medal of game of the year 2013 goes to Knightmare Tower by Juicy Beast.
The singleplayer game of the year was THE game I was most looking forward to playing when my OUYA arrived. I had enjoyed it for countless of hours in my browser already but it was even better on the OUYA.
I can’t even express how much I enjoyed Knightmare Tower over all those months and even today, I can still loose myself in this little casual game and waste hours upon hours trying to get even higher in the Nightmare mode.
Seriously awesome game and the difference between Knightmare Tower and our number one was only marginal. Thank you Juicy Beast.

Now let’s crown our OUYA Game of the Year 2013 of all categories:
Here is BombSquad by Eric Froemling.
It’s really hard not to like BombSquad. Everybody loves it no matter if you’re a grown-up or just a kid.
Even Pewdiepie made a video about it which up until now has been watched almost 2.5 million times.
It really is unbelievable how much fun BombSquad is. There are so many game modes that just don’t get boring and they’re nicely wrapped into awesome graphics and brilliant sound. Well done Eric, well done! You made the OUYA Game of the Year 2013!

So now let’s get back to business and hopefully next week we’ll have some more game releases that are worth your time.
However, in the last two weeks there were two standout games that I actually enjoyed a lot.
The first one is our Game of the Week: Pirate’s Battle.
At first I thought this game would be pure garbage since the screenshots didn’t look all that great.
When I started Pirate’s Battle I was very surprised how well it was to control and how smart the AI was. Additionally the graphic looked much better than advertised and the sounds and music were actually pretty good.
I was very surprised how great Pirate’s Battle was and what’s even better is, that you can play it with up to 4 players which makes this game also a very entertaining game for when you have friends over.

The other game I enjoyed playing over the last two weeks was Santa Claus Jump 3D.
Depending on how you look at it, it’s either too late to play a Xmas themed game or you can start early to get in the holiday mood for this year.
Either way this game is fun and quite addictive. Santa Claus Jump has this “If I play one more round I’m going to beat the record” feeling and can easily take several hours from whatever you were originally planning to do.
Jumping as Santa and running away from the Grinch was never more fun and who knows maybe we’ll see a version of this game that isn’t xmas themed and it would be just as much fun.
Try it.

So my friend, this is already the end of this episode. I hope we will have a great 2014 together and enjoy our OUYA even more than now, with all those great games coming out. Thanks for watching and now go play some games. Byyyyeeee.

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