Game Reviews

  • Polarity

    Switch polarity between red and blue to pass through barriers and steal three data cores in every level to gain access to the last stage. If you like 3D first person puzzler like Portal, give Polarity a try.

  • AVP: Evolution
    AVP: Evolution

    If you like the Alien VS Predator franchise you’ll love AVP: Evolution on the OUYA. Choose your destiny! Want to be a state-of-the-art combat Predator or the living weapon, the Alien. Your life as Alien starts as Facehugger where you first have to find a host to breed in. Engineer your own Alien with character upgrades and enhance your abilities.

  • Sky Arena
    Sky Arena

    A single- and multiplayer shoot ‘em up in early development stage. I don’t like the controls and you loose half of the screen if you play two by two. They also have to work on the graphics. A bit too early to judge, sure has potential though.

  • Flashout 3D
    Flashout 3D

    A Wipeout clone for the OUYA. Contrary to most clones however, this game looks good and has a very good soundtrack. It is missing a multiplayer mode which would make Flashout much better. The devs are working on it though.

  • Vendetta Online
    Vendetta Online

    Vendetta Online is a space simulation similar to EVE Online but differs greatly from it in one very decisive aspect: combat and flying. VO is a nice change from the other casual games that are currently in the majority on OUYA.

  • The Ball
    The Ball

    The Ball is a brilliant combination between puzzle and action game. Fantastic looks complete the whole package and make The Ball one of the best games for the OUYA so far.

  • ARMED!

    ARMED! is a very addictive sci-fi turn-based multiplayer strategy game created by indie studio Sickhead Games. There’s no real story, each player just has to battle for control of resource generators across a battlefield and destroy enemy forces and their headquaters.

  • Rage Runner
    Rage Runner

    Rage Runner is a really fast retro-arcade 3D runner. You will need outstanding memory skills and reflexes to master the endless levels. Different powerups like Superbrake and Shield help you to survive the tunnel system.

  • 9.4

    Ok buddy imagine your planet just got blown-up and you are one of the lucky survivors whose survival pod landed on a space station (quite similar to R2D2 and C3PO just without Stormtroopers combing the desert for your remains). That station will be your base and home. You’ll be able to capture prisoners aka. other species and TRAIN them to do what you want (how cool is that?)