Game Reviews

  • Another World 20th Anniversay on the OUYA
    Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition

    When a game is over 20 years old and it still has its appeal you know you’ve got a great game that doesn’t rely on fancy graphics or other marketing gimmicks to entice you.

  • Reaper

    Set in Wilderness, a world devided between imperials and tribes, a Black Swordsman is on his quest for fame and honor. It’s on you to help him slaying thousands of beasts, tribesmen, soldiers and other terrifying enemies in this fantastic side-scrolling action RPG.

  • Order and Chaos Online
    Order & Chaos Online

    Big name studio Gameloft has brought one of its biggest games to the OUYA: Order and Chaos Online. One of the best MMORPGs (if not THE best) on the OUYA so far, Order and Chaos should be checked out by basically everyone.

  • NimbleQuest by Nimblebit Review
    Nimble Quest

    Did you ever own a Nokia mobile in the 90s? Did you ever play the game “Snake”? If you did you will feel right at home with Nimble Quest. The game mechanics are similar but it’s looks much nicer and is a lot more challenging. This is our “Game of the Month” for July.

  • The Bard's Tale
    The Bard’s Tale

    The Bard’s Tale is coming to the OUYA. During your quest you encounter more than 50 enemy types and over a dozen bosses. You tame dragons, fight big bosses and free princesses. The characters are hilarious, the Bard is a sarcastic, opportunistic individual who is just interested in cash and chicks. The dialogs are very well-written and ooze with wicked humor.

  • Vendetta Online
    Vendetta Online

    Vendetta Online is a space simulation similar to EVE Online but differs greatly from it in one very decisive aspect: combat and flying. VO is a nice change from the other casual games that are currently in the majority on OUYA.

  • Wizorb

    Wizorb is a tile breaker game combined with retro RPG elements. It reminded me of Arkanoid, Zelda and even to some degree Pokemon. I wasn’t thrilled by this game, but I guess there will be some people who will like Wizorb, since it was awarded “App Store Best 2012”.

  • Knightmare Tower
    Knightmare Tower

    The OUYA team loves this game and so do we. Play a little comic knight, trying to free 10 princess from the grip of evil! Fantastic gameplay, combined with awesome graphics! The line between “I’ll just play a few minutes” and “Oh shit I played 3h?” is pretty fine with this game.

  • Saturday Morning RPG
    Saturday Morning RPG

    A game that derives its name from Saturday morning cartoons can’t possibly be bad! A lot of nostalgic/retro/hipster cartoons and movies found their new home in this awesome game.

  • 7.7
    Shadowrun Online

    The Shadowrun Universe is quite interesting, yet before the Kickstarter campaign of Cliffhanger Productions has never appeared on my radar.
    When you first see Shadowrun Online you’ll think “What the hell why does this look like Jagged Alliance?!”