Game Reviews

  • Another World 20th Anniversay on the OUYA
    Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition

    When a game is over 20 years old and it still has its appeal you know you’ve got a great game that doesn’t rely on fancy graphics or other marketing gimmicks to entice you.

  • Polarity

    Switch polarity between red and blue to pass through barriers and steal three data cores in every level to gain access to the last stage. If you like 3D first person puzzler like Portal, give Polarity a try.

  • Clark by Tricycle Games

    Games like Clark are the types of games that really excell on the OUYA. Amazing graphics, hardcore puzzles and a lovable main character. All that and more is what makes Clark so great.

  • Rose and Time
    Rose and Time

    Are you the trial-and-error-type or do you have a more methodical approach of solving problems? First will have a hard time with Rose & Time. It’s a time-travel puzzle game where you have to avoid copies of yourself from the past and future.The puzzles get harder every level and there are 20 of them. When you have to handle 4+ copies of yourself from the past and future within the same scene, you’re into a lot of trouble at the very latest.

  • The Ball
    The Ball

    The Ball is a brilliant combination between puzzle and action game. Fantastic looks complete the whole package and make The Ball one of the best games for the OUYA so far.

  • Edgar

    Like Edgar Allan Poe? Want to slay Jack the Ripper? If you’re a fan of The Raven, The Murders in the Rue Morgue or The Pit and the Pendulum, then you’ll love this game! In Edgar, a 2D adventure platformer, you take over the part of Edgar Allan Poe himself.

  • Whispering Willows
    Whispering Willows

    Whispering Willows is a 2D side-scrolling horror adventure launching for the OUYA first. You play young girl Elena who has to use her astral projection and other supernatural abilities to explore Willows mansion and its surrounding grounds…

  • Papo & Yo
    Papo & Yo

    In Papo & Yo you follow the story of a boy named Quico and his best friend Monster, a huge pink beast with an addiction to poisonous frogs. If Monster is devouring a frog, he’s caught by rage and is a danger to everybody arround him.

  • Save the puppies
    Save the puppies

    A family-friendly game where you need to … um … well … save the puppies?

  • Giana Sisters
    Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams

    Maria, the little sister of Giana is abducted to the Dream World. Giana has to enter this world to rescue her. As a teenager herself in transformation, she has learned to manipulate her dreams. She is able to transform herself into the “Punk” and back to “Cute”, to deal with the tasks of her search for her sister.