Game Reviews

  • Towerfall Ascension
    Towerfall Ascension

    Towerfall by Matt Thorson is a local multiplayer archery combat game. When you start it with up to 3 friends, just don’t have plans for the rest of the day. There is no leaving!

  • Ultionus
    Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge

    In this shmup, autoscrolling shooter and jump-n-shoot arcade game you star as busty space heroin Serena S. You get trolled on Spacebook by a guy named the ‘Space Prince’ and so you’re off to visit his planet to teach him a lesson.

  • Pizzaboy
    Pizza Boy

    Pizza Boy is another Mario clone, but one from the heart. OMG! Somebody has stolen the pizza! A nightmarish experience for every gamer. The story of Pizza Boy is told partially in comic strips and trough game animation.

  • Muffin Knight on OUYA Review
    Muffin Knight

    Brilliant little game that’s similar to Super Crate Box but from my point of view much better and funnier. Rainbow shitting unicorns anyone?

  • Potato Man seeks the troof
    Potato Man Seeks the Troof

    Ridiculously funny little game that could become another “Rage Quit” platformer. Had to laugh so many times while playing this. Amazing game.

  • Gentlemen!

    The Art of Duelling in a beautiful Victorian setting! When I read, Lucky Frame ported its iPad hit Gentlemen! to the OUYA, I had to test it immediately. As it’s a local multiplayer for up-to 4 player I asked 2 of my kids to join me and play a few minutes before dinner.

  • Rose and Time
    Rose and Time

    Are you the trial-and-error-type or do you have a more methodical approach of solving problems? First will have a hard time with Rose & Time. It’s a time-travel puzzle game where you have to avoid copies of yourself from the past and future.The puzzles get harder every level and there are 20 of them. When you have to handle 4+ copies of yourself from the past and future within the same scene, you’re into a lot of trouble at the very latest.

  • 8Bit Ninjas
    8Bit Ninjas 

    8Bit Ninjas for the OUYA is a local Co-Op up to 4 players platformer with simplistic graphics. Try to knock all your contestants into the water and stay dry yourself. Use your shuriken an wit to accomplish your goals.

  • Vector

    Wanna play Mirrors Edge on your Ouya with sweet 8-bit graphics? Well here is some great news Vector has been in the Ouya store for quit some time after migrating over from Android/IOS where it has 100,000’s of downloads. You are trying to get away from the corrupt corporation that rules the world. There are coins to collect and new moves to master in this forced running game

  • Sonic the Hedgehoc 4
    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II HD

    The hero of your childhood is back. Wait, no! Not the guy with the red hat and funny moustache. The hero of us unpopular kids, who didn’t own a Nintendo. Sonic the Hedgehog is burning rubber again in this revised and newly designed Sonic game.