Game Reviews

  • NimbleQuest by Nimblebit Review
    Nimble Quest

    Did you ever own a Nokia mobile in the 90s? Did you ever play the game “Snake”? If you did you will feel right at home with Nimble Quest. The game mechanics are similar but it’s looks much nicer and is a lot more challenging. This is our “Game of the Month” for July.

  • Beast Boxing Turbo
    Beast Boxing Turbo 

    First-person monster boxing with tons of customizable boxing gear. The game is POV with intuitive controls. You are able to strafe left and right, block and throw punches with the triggers. To win a fight you have to do the right combos. If you liked Punch Out this is for you. Freakin’ hard to master!

  • DubWars
    Dub Wars

    Everybody loves cool game soundtracks but in Dubwars the soundtrack is the game! Well, sort of. It’s a rhythm based shooter in which your weapons fire to the beat of a dubstep track. Your goal is to destroy enemy robots with music.How cool is that?

  • Sonic the Hedgehoc 4
    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II HD

    The hero of your childhood is back. Wait, no! Not the guy with the red hat and funny moustache. The hero of us unpopular kids, who didn’t own a Nintendo. Sonic the Hedgehog is burning rubber again in this revised and newly designed Sonic game.

  • Flip Riders
    Flip Riders

    Flip Riders is an excellent family-friendly, arcade racer. The graphics are very well done and very humouros. If you’re looking for a game that can be played casually, this is your game.

  • Flashout 3D
    Flashout 3D

    A Wipeout clone for the OUYA. Contrary to most clones however, this game looks good and has a very good soundtrack. It is missing a multiplayer mode which would make Flashout much better. The devs are working on it though.

  • Wizorb

    Wizorb is a tile breaker game combined with retro RPG elements. It reminded me of Arkanoid, Zelda and even to some degree Pokemon. I wasn’t thrilled by this game, but I guess there will be some people who will like Wizorb, since it was awarded “App Store Best 2012”.

  • Bomb Ssquad for OUYA

    Bomberman style of game. As far as Multiplayer games are concerned this could very well be one of the first big hits on the OUYA.

  • Knightmare Tower
    Knightmare Tower

    The OUYA team loves this game and so do we. Play a little comic knight, trying to free 10 princess from the grip of evil! Fantastic gameplay, combined with awesome graphics! The line between “I’ll just play a few minutes” and “Oh shit I played 3h?” is pretty fine with this game.

  • Saturday Morning RPG
    Saturday Morning RPG

    A game that derives its name from Saturday morning cartoons can’t possibly be bad! A lot of nostalgic/retro/hipster cartoons and movies found their new home in this awesome game.