Game Reviews

  • Left 2Die
    Left 2Die

    Simple but effective. 2D Cube Zombies was developed for the Create Game Jam and has won the “Best Couch with Friends” Award. The Game Jam’s goal was to have participants develop a game in 10 days.
    Your objective is: to kill Zombies! No kidding.

  • Strange Happenings on Murder Island
    Strange Happenings on Murder Island

    Side-scrolling dual thumbstick action shooter. Our heroes are stranded in a tropical paradise. Things start going crazy and attack them, and much adventure ensues. Has a strong retro feeling to it. Don’t know what the graphics will look like in the final, but the concept is really crazy and fun.

  • 9.4

    Ok buddy imagine your planet just got blown-up and you are one of the lucky survivors whose survival pod landed on a space station (quite similar to R2D2 and C3PO just without Stormtroopers combing the desert for your remains). That station will be your base and home. You’ll be able to capture prisoners aka. other species and TRAIN them to do what you want (how cool is that?)