Game Reviews

  • Flashout 3D
    Flashout 3D

    A Wipeout clone for the OUYA. Contrary to most clones however, this game looks good and has a very good soundtrack. It is missing a multiplayer mode which would make Flashout much better. The devs are working on it though.

  • Vendetta Online
    Vendetta Online

    Vendetta Online is a space simulation similar to EVE Online but differs greatly from it in one very decisive aspect: combat and flying. VO is a nice change from the other casual games that are currently in the majority on OUYA.

  • The Ball
    The Ball

    The Ball is a brilliant combination between puzzle and action game. Fantastic looks complete the whole package and make The Ball one of the best games for the OUYA so far.

  • Bomb Ssquad for OUYA

    Bomberman style of game. As far as Multiplayer games are concerned this could very well be one of the first big hits on the OUYA.

  • Knightmare Tower
    Knightmare Tower

    The OUYA team loves this game and so do we. Play a little comic knight, trying to free 10 princess from the grip of evil! Fantastic gameplay, combined with awesome graphics! The line between “I’ll just play a few minutes” and “Oh shit I played 3h?” is pretty fine with this game.

  • Saturday Morning RPG
    Saturday Morning RPG

    A game that derives its name from Saturday morning cartoons can’t possibly be bad! A lot of nostalgic/retro/hipster cartoons and movies found their new home in this awesome game.

  • Forced Coop Mode

    Fantastic Hack and Slay game set in a fantasy world of deadly gladiator matches with monsters.

  • Frozen Endzone
    Frozen Endzone

    Frozen Endzone is the game, that EA should have created 10 years ago when Madden NFL turned stale.
    Set in a future where the (American) Football players are robots Frozen Endzone delivers a gaming experience that could actually be more fun than any NFL simulation out there.

  • RIOT

    Who hasn’t dreamed of setting a police car on fire? Most of us are probably sane enough not to do it in reality but nothing is sweeter than destroying stuff in video games right?
    Riot is a game about nothing but destruction. We love it and have both backed it already on Indiegogo.

  • Zombies & Trains
    Zombies & Trains

    Keep Zombies from breaching into the middle of your screen but squashing them with your trains. However, it gets more demanding as the game progresses and has a very challenging steep learning curve.