Game Reviews

  • Towerfall Ascension
    Towerfall Ascension

    Towerfall by Matt Thorson is a local multiplayer archery combat game. When you start it with up to 3 friends, just don’t have plans for the rest of the day. There is no leaving!

  • The Lost Souls OUYA Screenshot
    The Lost Souls

    The Lost Souls is the first horror game on the OUYA and it’s scary as hell. Set in a haunted house, its atmosphere is very convincing and worth every second of playing time. It’s also free to play.

  • Amazing Frog
    Amazing Frog

    Amazing Frog is a real phenomenon. You run around, throw yourself into cars, jump off of buildings, into giant fans or fire yourself out of cannons. The more spectacular the stunt the more points you can earn. In multiplayer split-screen you also may shoot at your opponent with various weapons or simply throw things at each other.

  • Dead Rushing
    Dead Rushing HD

    Kill all zombies and collect zombie heads for player upgrades across 5 stages. Dead Rushing is a fast paced arcade zombie smasher! If you’re any good, play difficulty hard!

  • AVP: Evolution
    AVP: Evolution

    If you like the Alien VS Predator franchise you’ll love AVP: Evolution on the OUYA. Choose your destiny! Want to be a state-of-the-art combat Predator or the living weapon, the Alien. Your life as Alien starts as Facehugger where you first have to find a host to breed in. Engineer your own Alien with character upgrades and enhance your abilities.

  • Reaper

    Set in Wilderness, a world devided between imperials and tribes, a Black Swordsman is on his quest for fame and honor. It’s on you to help him slaying thousands of beasts, tribesmen, soldiers and other terrifying enemies in this fantastic side-scrolling action RPG.

  • Choplifter HD
    Choplifter HD

    In Choplifter HD you take the role of a newcomer pilot joining the international helicopter rescue team. You command a variety of helicopters in over 30 missions from freeing POWs to saving war reporters or survivors of viral outbreaks.

  • Gentlemen!

    The Art of Duelling in a beautiful Victorian setting! When I read, Lucky Frame ported its iPad hit Gentlemen! to the OUYA, I had to test it immediately. As it’s a local multiplayer for up-to 4 player I asked 2 of my kids to join me and play a few minutes before dinner.

  • Order and Chaos Online
    Order & Chaos Online

    Big name studio Gameloft has brought one of its biggest games to the OUYA: Order and Chaos Online. One of the best MMORPGs (if not THE best) on the OUYA so far, Order and Chaos should be checked out by basically everyone.

  • Flip Riders
    Flip Riders

    Flip Riders is an excellent family-friendly, arcade racer. The graphics are very well done and very humouros. If you’re looking for a game that can be played casually, this is your game.