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We are proud backers of the OUYA and various games on funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. On this page we inform you about new and ongoing game projects worth to be funded.

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Game Genre Platform Funding end Goal Status
Omega Platform Kickstarter 04/06/2013
Organ Trail Action Kickstarter 01/19/2012
Organic Panic Puzzle Kickstarter 08/08/2013
OUYA Gaming Source App Kickstarter 03/23/2013
OZombie Adventure Kickstarter 08/05/2013
Pandora: Purge of Pride Puzzle Kickstarter 05/31/2013
Paradise Lost: First Contact Action RPG Kickstarter 12/01/2013
PAWS - Prime Alien Watch Squad Turn Based Strategy Kickstarter 12/11/2013
PENGUEMIC - Word Domination Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 09/29/2013
Phoenix Dawn Adventure Kickstarter 09/29/2014
Phoenix Revival Shooter Kickstarter 07/10/2013
Pier Solar HD Role Playing Game Kickstarter 12/05/2012
PiewFighter Action Indiegogo 06/10/2013
Pinball Arcade: Terminator 2 Judgment Day Arcade Kickstarter 07/21/2013
Pits: Table Top Combat for Mobile Action Kickstarter 09/07/2013
Pixel Press: Draw Your Own Video Game Game Engine Kickstarter 06/14/2013
Planet Explorers Role Playing Game Kickstarter 04/21/2013
Poncho, an open world puzzle-platformer Platform Kickstarter 10/02/2014
Precinct Adventure Kickstarter 08/16/2013
Pro Pinball: Timeshock! Arcade Kickstarter 09/14/2013
Project Bliss Adventure Kickstarter 09/06/2013
Project Eternity Role Playing Game Kickstarter 10/16/2012
Project GODUS Simulation Kickstarter 12/21/2012
Project Maiden Platform Kickstarter 07/31/2013
Project Phoenix Role Playing Game Kickstarter 09/11/2013
Project Ravensdale Platform Kickstarter 08/16/2013
Project SEN Platform Kickstarter 12/06/2013
Psyblocks Platform Kickstarter 07/03/2013
Quintet Simulation Kickstarter 06/08/2013
Race the Sun Action Kickstarter 03/07/2013
Race the Sun - An Infinite Speed Experience Racing Kickstarter 03/07/2013
Race To Mars Simulation Kickstarter 07/27/2013
Rawbots: Multiplayer Sandbox Simulation Kickstarter 06/03/2013
Ray's The Dead Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 06/08/2013
Read Only Memories Adventure Kickstarter 12/13/2013
RealWheelz Simulation Kickstarter 10/06/2013
Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Simulation Kickstarter 11/01/2013
RedNeck Assassin Action Kickstarter 10/06/2013
Redwall :: The Warrior Reborn Role Playing Game Kickstarter 05/26/2013
Revive Retronauts App Kickstarter 04/21/2013
Revolution 60 Adventure Kickstarter 08/30/2013
Rex Rocket Platform Kickstarter 05/27/2013
Rhyfel: Game of Corporate Domination Simulation Kickstarter 05/22/2013
Rhythm Planet Platform Kickstarter 06/01/2013
Rhythos RPG Builder App Kickstarter 06/19/2013
Riftforge Role Playing Game Indiegogo 12/20/2013
Riot Simulation Indiegogo 03/16/2013
Risk of Rain Platform Kickstarter 05/08/2013
Ritual Dementia Adventure Kickstarter 04/04/2013
Rival Threads : Last Class Heroes Role Playing Game Kickstarter 07/10/2013
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