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We are proud backers of the OUYA and various games on funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. On this page we inform you about new and ongoing game projects worth to be funded.

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Game Genre Platform Funding end Goal Status
1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday Action Kickstarter 12/16/2013
42 Light Years Puzzle Indiegogo 05/20/2013
A Gravitational Adventure - Luna's Wandering Stars Puzzle Kickstarter 10/09/2013
A Small Favor Adventure Kickstarter 05/15/2013
A.N.N.E. Platform Kickstarter 05/22/2013
Abducted Action RPG Kickstarter 06/29/2013
Absolute Champion Sports Kickstarter 03/06/2014
Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly Adventure Kickstarter 08/09/2013
Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Action RPG Kickstarter 02/02/2013
Alacrity Mission Action RPG Kickstarter 07/06/2013
AMBROV X: A Sime~Gen Roleplaying Game Action RPG Kickstarter 10/05/2013
Among the Sleep Adventure Kickstarter 05/18/2013
Another Castle Platform Kickstarter 03/29/2013
ANTHYMN MMORPG Kickstarter 07/05/2013
App Game Kit V2 Game Engine Kickstarter 08/09/2013
AR-K Adventure Kickstarter 05/26/2013
Arcane Souls Action Indiegogo 12/24/2013
Archive The Game Shooter Indiegogo 12/13/2013
Armored Tank Assault 2 Simulation Kickstarter 03/09/2013
Artizens Role Playing Game Kickstarter 02/17/2013
Astro Lords: Oort Cloud Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 01/26/2014
Astrobase Command Sandbox RPG Kickstarter 12/20/2013
Attack of the Gelatinous Blob Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 10/09/2013
Audio Venture Action Kickstarter 07/27/2013
AURION : legacy of the Kori-Odan Action RPG Indiegogo 09/29/2013
Back to Bed Puzzle Kickstarter 03/16/2013
Balrum Role Playing Game Kickstarter 08/15/2013
Battle of Britain Videogame: The FEW Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 05/30/2013
Battle Worlds: Kronos Turn Based Strategy Kickstarter 04/28/2013
BattleQuest RPG Action RPG Kickstarter 02/14/2014
BattleTails! Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 06/06/2013
Beast's Fury Project Arcade Indiegogo 06/18/2013
Between Me and the Night Puzzle Indiegogo 12/01/2013
Bik Role Playing Game Kickstarter 04/15/2013
Bionic Fighters Action Kickstarter 09/20/2013
Bitcrobes Simulation Kickstarter 05/16/2013
Black Hole for OUYA Arcade Indiegogo 05/01/2013
Bleak Platform Kickstarter 04/19/2013
Blood Alloy Platform Kickstarter 10/11/2013
Bloom: Memories (new campaign) Role Playing Game Kickstarter 12/10/2013
Brave Bit Platform Kickstarter 05/25/2013
Broken Age Adventure Kickstarter 03/13/2013
Broken Sword – the Serpent’s Curse Adventure Adventure Kickstarter 09/22/2012
BRUTAL CARNAGE Action Kickstarter 08/06/2013
Buddy & Me Platform Kickstarter 04/20/2013
C-Wars Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 05/11/2013
Call of the Wild Action RPG Kickstarter 06/09/2013
Camelot Unchained Role Playing Game Kickstarter 05/02/2013
CANDLE Adventure Kickstarter 08/16/2013
Cashtronauts Action Kickstarter 02/27/2014
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