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We are proud backers of the OUYA and various games on funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. On this page we inform you about new and ongoing game projects worth to be funded.

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Game Genre Platform Funding end Goal Status
Eyes Open Platform Kickstarter 09/01/2013
Fabled Vale Role Playing Game Indiegogo 05/31/2013
Faëria Turn Based Strategy Kickstarter 11/10/2013
Fantasyche: Mike Role Playing Game Kickstarter 07/04/2013
Faster Than Light Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 04/01/2012
FFZ - Froggy Puzzle Adventure Game Puzzle Kickstarter 09/22/2013
Fields of Fresh Role Playing Game Kickstarter 11/06/2012
Fire with Fire Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 07/12/2013
FireCorp Shooter Kickstarter 06/01/2013
Flight Rising Role Playing Game Kickstarter 04/09/2013
Forced Turn Based Strategy Kickstarter 12/01/2012
Game engine Torque 2D Simulation Kickstarter 04/27/2013
Gangsterwars Role Playing Game Kickstarter 01/12/2014
GENERAL CHAOS II: Sons Of Chaos Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 10/07/2013
Ghost Encounters: Deadwood Adventure Kickstarter 08/05/2013
Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope Platform Kickstarter 09/04/2013
GhostControl Inc. Simulation Kickstarter 07/06/2013
Ghosts 'N Goblins - Demon World Arcade Kickstarter 11/28/2013
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Platform Kickstarter 08/31/2012
Go to School - the Epic Journey Platform Kickstarter 01/18/2014
God of Blades Role Playing Game Kickstarter 12/21/2011
Gridiron Thunder - Awesome Indie Football Game Sports Kickstarter 09/08/2013
Ground Pounders Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 09/28/2013
Hack Attack Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 05/01/2013
Harvest Adventure Kickstarter 07/01/2013
Heavy Gear Assault Action Kickstarter 06/29/2013
Heavy Gear Assault Action Kickstarter 06/29/2013
Heroes of Steel - Fantasy RPG Role Playing Game Kickstarter 03/02/2013
Heroes of Video Game Music - 5.1 Surround Sound DVD App Kickstarter 06/03/2013
HexaDRONE Puzzle Kickstarter 06/13/2013
Hey, Shu! Explore Kickstarter 12/18/2013
Homeworld Touch / Homeworld 3 Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 03/26/2013
Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora Adventure Kickstarter 09/29/2013
Humans Must Answer Shooter Kickstarter 04/12/2013
Hyper Light Drifter Action RPG Kickstarter 10/12/2013
Icebound: A Visual Novel Visual Novel Kickstarter 09/21/2013
Imagination Is The Only Escape Adventure Indiegogo 10/17/2013
Infinite Pixels Role Playing Game Indiegogo 06/19/2013
Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars FPS Kickstarter 05/04/2013
Insignificant Role Playing Game Kickstarter 08/22/2013
Intergalactic Expedition Simulation Kickstarter 06/09/2013
Interstellaria Sandbox Kickstarter 12/06/2013
It's Dangerous To Go Alone...The Movie App Kickstarter 06/02/2013
J.U.L.I.A. Extended Version Adventure Indiegogo 04/12/2013
James Pond - Pond is Back! Platform Kickstarter 10/20/2013
Jason The Greek Adventure Kickstarter 12/15/2013
Kamodo Steve Platform Kickstarter 12/29/2013
Kentucky Route Zero Adventure Kickstarter 02/06/2011
Kingcraft Real Time Strategy Kickstarter 08/21/2013
Kingdoms Fall Action RPG Kickstarter 05/29/2013
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