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Tamascelli, Stefano

  • Based in
    Zelo, Rovigo, Italy

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    Founded in Zelo ( Rovigo ), Italy.
    Start programming on C64 and MSX.
    The first review (on legendary italian magazine MCMicrocomputer) for “T.P.” a chemistry game on 1992. Review on “Computer Graphics Italia” for Alchemy 2.0 on 1995. Developing software and videogames for Amiga, Windows, MacOs, console ( XBox, PlayStation, PS2, GBA, DS ) and mobile ( Android, iOs ).
    Virtual Ball Fighters
    Virtual Ball Advance
    Chess Mania
    Digital Chess
    Koso! First Adventure
    Koso! Puzzle World
    Lord of Dragons.
    Now developing Koso and Piggy and Retaliation Path of War

  • Games:
    Retaliation Path of War

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