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Rich, Matthias

  • Based in
    Bath, UK

  • Studio
    Automata Source

  • Bio

    “By day I’m a stone mason, I live in Bath with my wife, daughter and cat. I’m a creature of the arts and technology. In 1984 I naively loaded Automata’s Deus Ex Machina onto my 48K Spectrum+. It changed my brain chemistry forever and permanently raised the bar on my expectations of what a digital game can be. Since then I have been on many adventures, eating gold rings, jumping on mushrooms, exploring tombs and getting my hands dirty in the occasional war. Lessons learnt so far: The most memorable adventures, the ones that really stick with you and talk to your soul are not about conflict and fighting, they are about imagination, personal connections, beauty, art and being. My function is to represent you, the games player, and make sure Automata delivers what you really want.”

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