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Swindlehurst, Paul

  • Based in
    Lancashire, UK

  • Studio
    SpookyFish Games

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    I’m a developer with a long software development career in a variety of industries such as VoIP, Telematics, Digital Mapping, Network Communications and a lot of others. After a a number of personal/lifestyle changes were forced on me I decided to form my an independent game studio, and SpookyFish Games was born in the summer of 2013.

    I’ve been a programmer, and gamer, since I got my first computer for christmas in 1981 (ZX81). I’ve always had a passion for video games and gaming is the primary reason why I got into software development.

    At SpookyFish Games we are currently working on our first game, 99 Waves To Die, a retro inspired dual-stick shooter set for release in October 2013, on iOS, Android & Ouya.

  • Games:
    99 Waves to Die

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