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Paugh, Wes

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    Rochester, NY, USA

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    I’ve been making games for close a little over 7 years now. I started at Vicarious Visions on Spider-man 3, where I was a mission scripter for 6 months. After the project ended, I finished my degree at RIT while beginning work on 100 Rogues as software engineer. It’s been 5 years now, and I’ve been making the game bigger and better, and am thrilled to see the game getting a console release on Ouya this week.

    My passions for gaming are varied. I was an FPS enthusiast growing up, but once I got to college I vowed to broaden my horizons and became fascinated with the storytelling potential of games. The closest we’ve come to games that fully realizes that potential are Facade, a game about a broken marriage, or White Wolf’s storytelling system, a tabletop RPG series I try to run regularly.

    But! I love roguelikes, brawlers, board games, stealth games, RPGs, infinite runners. If it’s interesting, I’ll eat it up.

  • Games:
    100 Rogues, 100 Trials, Spider-man 3

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