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Gakhokidze, Sandro

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    I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. My first introduction with games was TMNT on Nes clone console called \”Dandy\” (Yeaah :D I played on dandy as a kid), I was 5 years old then and been gaming ever since. When i was 14/15 I was introduced to game development by Morrowind Editor \”Construction Set\” and few old game engines like Blitz3d and DarkEngine, that led me to learning most everything you need to know to make games 2d,3d,programming,gamedesign, leveldesign etc. At first i attempted to build games alone, scale of which would humble all open world RPG\’s combined. Since then i learned some sense and I\’m trying to develop games I can manage at the time resource-wise. I have experience working as prof hired game designer for commercial studios but all in all indie was always where i leaned to and now I formed indie company Jumporfall,with few friends.

    I love RPGs, Steal Action, fantasy games most. I love good stories where-ever i can find them. As for my work.

    I have absolute passion and dedication to developing Games, I see it as an art form of the present and the future. I have a vision of how games as an interactive art form can evolve and use their full potential as a tool for storytelling, sharing emotions and experiences and how it can become greater part of everyday life. And my goal is to step by step bring that vision to life.

  • Games:
    Artificial, RPS Defense HD, Washington Vs Zombies, Prophet

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