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Fires, Patrick

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    Wrought Iron Games

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    My name is Patrick Fires, but you can call me Azreaal. I am the lead (and sole) programmer for EDGAR, and I’m just here to tell you a bit about myself. I’m currently attending school for Game Design and Simulation, with a focus on C# Programming. I’ve been doing basic programming since middle school, just playing around with Python and C, but when I discovered how powerful and straightforward C# was, I knew it would be my favorite language. I do know a bit of Java/Script, C++, and XNA, but EDGAR will be running C# all the way.

    I’ve been working with Unity for about a year now and I’m constantly learning that I know nothing of Unity’s true power, discovering more and more each day. While EDGAR will be the first full-length game that I’ve programmed using the Unity game engine, I have made a plethora of other cheap just-for-me games, from text-adventures to 2D tank wars to 3D starship battles. I am truly blessed with this opportunity to learn more about Unity and game programming in general, and I look forward to passing all of my knowledge on to you through EDGAR.

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