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Croucher, Mel

  • Based in
    Porthmouth, UK

  • Studio
    Automata Source

  • Homepage

  • Bio

    Mel Croucher founded the UK video games industry on 19th November 1977, setting up Automata as a multi-media asylum producing computer games for a market that didn’t yet exist. A qualified architect and crap musician, he still writes the longest-running column in the history of computer magazines. Mel created the first computer game stereo soundtrack, the first broadcast of computer data via FM radio, the first real-world prize video game, the first interactive screensaver, the first user-controlled rock album, and the first million-user internet marketing campaign. He can also rollerskate and play the accordion at the same time.

  • Games:
    Deus ex machina, Deus ex machina 2

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