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Buckley, Jared

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    Slipspace Studios

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    Hai, I’m a young Indie developer with a short production history starting at the end of 2010. I’ve made several mobile applications over the last two years but have always been practicing my hand at full PC game development in the background. With many tests, practices and incomplete projects I felt that the time had come to go into full production and release my first PC game.
    I usually have a few ambitious game ideas floating around my head at time and sometimes it’s hard to choose what to try next. Fortunately, SlipSpace has been my longest running idea to date and it seemed like a fitting concept to break into the market with. I came up with the idea for SlipSpace whilst on a commercial pilot course funnily enough. However some major bad luck struck and the company I was learning under went into administration before I even had a chance to fly. This gave me the opportunity to take game development into full time and try it out as a career path.
    If all goes well with this breakout then I eventually would love to set up a small indie studio and expand and explore. I’m not fond of creating purely unique games that are wierd and wonderful, almost for the sake of being different, because they aren’t always fun, most times I feel a combination of innovation and existing knowledge produces the most entertaining results. I feel title’s such as Trackmainia, Fez, Minecraft, Quadrilateral Cowboy (based on what I’ve seen), Prison Architect, Castle Story and Planetary Annihilation are testaments to this. People like to build, race and shoot, making new genres isn’t always a good idea, we should be trying to make building, racing and shooting more interesting, more exciting and long lasting.
    SlipSpace is our first step in that direction, we want to expand the top-down space-shooter genre for the better. For example, why hasn’t there been a space-shooter where you can get out your ship and walk around a space station or an enemy cruiser? Why not? SlipSpace aims to tackle these unexplored areas and I’m now committed to making it a great success.

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