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Allensby, Giles

  • Studio
    Slipspace Studios

  • Bio

    Hi, I started developing iOS and Mac OSX applications in late 2008 and have been designing websites since early 2009.
    In the time since I started developing I have made several small applications and games.
    I have slowly been working up to producing a fully featured game with a full campaign and much higher level of detail than anything I have previously created.
    Jared had the idea for SlipSpace around a year ago and I was informed of the idea during one of our usual conversations.
    Both being developers we would often talk about ideas and get feedback on them from each other. I immediately thought that SlipSpace was a brilliant idea and could see the potential of it. When Jared’s piloting course went into administration I had just moved to a new flat. This was my first time living away from home so I was looking for flat mates to share the load of bills.
    I decided to ask Jared if he would like to join me and we could work on SlipSpace and other applications and games together. This meant we could share both our knowledge and personal experiences to create better applications and games.
    Working in the same office had many benefits such as being able to quickly test things and ask oppinions on things without the need of any inbetween communication media. This made our development workflow much faster.

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