Behind the scenes of Day of the OUYA

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The holidays are getting closer every day and so we thought, it would be time to pause and give you a look behind the scenes of how we shoot videos and how this very website runs (minus security features, for our own protection…).

You know as they say: a picture speaks a thousand words. Well we have ~10,650 pictures for you in our video “Behind the Scenes”. Enjoy (make sure to scroll down when you’re done).

Like I promised in the video here’s the entire list to what we’re using. If you want to see it, click on the spoiler button.

Video recording:


Canon Rebel t3i – I only bought the body because I already had a Canon lense. If you’re on a budget you could buy the kit lense. Current price: $499 without lense, $549 with kit lense

Softboxes – I bought a slightly inferior version but paid about the same, since I’ve bought this a couple of years ago. Current price: $139

Tamron AF 28 -75 Aspherical – I bought this lense mainly because I wanted to take better photos but it also shoots very nice videos. Current price $499

Voice recording:


Audacity – This is the free software I’m using and it’s working brilliantly. Cost: Free

Shure SM57 – This is the microphone I’m using + some accessories. I’ve tried a few including the ones that work just with USB but quite frankly, the Shure beat all of them by a large margin. Current price: $115

Microphone Boom Arm – When you’re only starting out, this one works perfectly. I’m currently thinking about upgrading to the Rode Mic Arm, but we’ll see about that. Current price: $49

Art Tube Preamp – The Preamplifier is necessary for the mic to have some juice (called Phantom Power). I used this paricular preamp in the very beginning but eventually it was fried and I upgraded to a more professional one that cost around 140€. Current cost for the recommended beginner’s preamp: $29

You’ll also need some XLR cables but these only cost $20-30 and you could use any cable you find. I am using high quality cables for long cables which I bought offline.

OUYA footage recording:


Elgato Game Capture HD – You can record up to 1080p and on any console or any other video device. The software you’ll need is free and instructions come with the Elgato itself. I cannot overstate how easy it is to record gameplay footage with the Elgato. It’s also incredibly tiny and used by probably 95% of all Youtube gamers. Current price: $159

That is pretty much it, as far as video recording is concerned.

Website Maintenance:


Our website runs on WordPress and was heavily modified by Thomas. You can set up your own gaming website pretty easily with WordPress. I’m not going into how to use WordPress, but let’s say every newbie gets a hold of WordPress within only a couple of days.

We are running several plugins to make Day of the OUYA run smoothly. Most have been customized to our needs so it won’t be of much help if I post them here.

Plugins I can recommend are:

Cachify – makes your site run faster.

Contact Form 7 – easy to add contact form so readers can contact you

Antispam Bee – We sometimes receive up to 2,800 spam comments/day. Antispam Bee has been very helpful to filter out those Chinese comments that want to build links and shit like that. This is one of the most annoying parts of running a larger website. However, it’s something we gladly put up with since it’s a lot of fun running DotO.

Antispam Bee

Better WP Security – We are not using this any more but for beginners this is one of the best plugins to prevent getting hacked. Had this happen to me once on another blog and it was an absolute nightmare.

Duplicator – Helps in backing up your website. It would just suck to lose the entire website because of some jerk-off script kiddie. Our webhost additionally runs a backup every day. You should never have too few backups 🙂

Theme – Our theme is custom. You can find pretty cool themes at or on I would always go with a premium theme as free themes look like shit most of the time, or you have to waste countless of hours finding the right free theme, which you then also have to customize.

So yeah that is pretty much it. We’re not a super big production company or anything. Thomas and I are both Internet nerds so we know our way around a few things. However, we had to learn that stuff as well. If you think you could never create your own website you are wrong.

Having your own website, Youtube channel, social media outlet, whatever is very rewarding and fun. We’re most certainly not getting rich from running Day of the OUYA but we’re having lots of fun doing it.

Hope you liked this peek behind how we run DotO and maybe one or two of you were encouraged to run your own site 🙂

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