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About Thomas Reisser

Thomas got his first gaming device at the end of the 70s named Pong. A few years later, in December 1982 he got a brandnew C64 and didn't stop playing until his second C64 died about 5 years later. Until then a four-digit number of games were played and countless Competition Pro joysticks were demolished in endless fights with his father for the best rankings in Decathlon, Summer Games and other. Thomas also coded and designed this website. Thomas at Google+

A list of all known OUYA emulators for retro gaming

Emulators for the OUYA

The OUYA has enough power to run almost every console emulator and play most of the major video games from the last four decades. Our guide should help you to find the right emulator to play all those fabulous games from the Atari to the Nintendo, from the Sega to the C64 and many more.