Android games playable on the OUYA with controller

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Sideloadable Android GamesThere are already tons of fantastic Android games out there. Why not sideload some awesome game while waiting for the next big OUYA release?

We start this growing list of games which are easy to sideload on the OUYA and work well with a controller. For paid games or games which download extra files after installation you have to root your OUYA, install the Xposed framework and the Mod Collection by WonderEkin@XDA. Then you can permanently install the Google Play store.

Update!: The last firmware update v1.0.459-r1 broke my Google Play store installation. Simply re-installing via the Mod Collection didn’t help. I had to uninstall the Play store first, reboot and re-install it. Then I could input my account data and everything was up and running again.


First Person Shooter
Hack ‘n’ Slash
Role Play Game


Grand Theft Auto 3 by Rockstar Games, Inc. (Google Play) Welcome to the open world of Liberty City. Start your criminal career and work your way up to the top.

Grand Theft Auto: ViceCity by Rockstar Games, Inc. (Google Play) Become the boss in vibrant Vice City in a fantastic setting of the 1980s.


EVAC HD by Hexage Ltd (Google Play) Neon “Pac-Man” on speed! Try to escape countless security forces in this fantastic stealth arcade game.

Radiant Defense by Hexage Ltd (Google Play) Fight countless aliens in this colorfull tower defense game. [Unplayable with OUYA controller.]

R-Rype by DotEmu (Google Play) Classic arcade shooter from the 80s is back. Awesome port with 8 levels. [You have to use the touch pad to hit buttons on the screen to charge shoot or use the orb. Unplayable. – James Monkman]


Critical Strike Portable by Studio OnMars (Google Play) Counter Strike v1.6 clone. MMO (local and online) crossplatform first-person shooter with different game modes (classic, zombie survival, team death math, etc.)

Doom GLES by Kokak (Google Play) Best port of the classic Doom with revamped highres graphics, dynamic lightning, particles effects and more.

Heretic GLES by Kokak (Google Play) Another highres OpenGLES port of a classic game. Fight the Serpent Rider and take revenge.

Hexen GLES by Kokak (Google Play) Play one of three heroes to defend Cronos from Korax. Another awesome port from Kokak.

Max Payne by Rockstar Games, Inc. (Google Play) Can’t get enough of the original Bullet Time! Optimized for the Tegra 3.

The Conduit HD by High Voltage Software, Inc. (Google Play) Award-winning FPS, well-designed gameplay and stunning visuals. A must for genre fans!

Hack ‘n’ Slash

Dark Incursion by Big Blue Bubble (Google Play) Awesome sidescrolling hack ‘n’ slash game with a world war setting during an industial revolution and lots of secret weapons.


Bean’s Quest by Kumobius (Google Play) Classic platformer with a cool soundtrack and 5 worlds to master.

Diversion by (Google Play) A varied platformer with 200 levels and 5 worlds and some cool boss battles.

Gunman Clive by Bertil Hörberg (Google Play) Interesting and awesome looking sidescrolling platformer with really hard bossfights.

Helium Boy by Bertil Hörberg (Google Play) 3D platformer with a few sidescrolling stages. Inspired by classics like Balloon Fight.

Inertia: Escape Velocity HD by Red Fly Studio, Inc. (Google Play) Fantastic looking 3D platformer with smooth gameplay and a great replay value!

Meganoid Free by OrangePixel (Google Play) Hard to master sidescrolling platformer with retro pixel-art graphics and 300 levels.

Meganoid 2 Free by OrangePixel (Google Play) Sequel to the extra hard retro sidescrolling platformer.


Chuck’s Challenge 3D by Niffler Ltd. (Google Play) Addictive colorfull puzzler with 25 free and 100 extra levels. Level editor included!


Riptide GP by Vector Unit (Google Play) Fast pacing water racing with realistic water physics and awesome graphics.

Riptide GP2 by Vector Unit (Google Play) Sequel with career mode, new stunts and online multi-player races.

Shine Runner by Vector Unit (Google Play) Hilarious fanboat racing through the bayou with fully destructive environment.

Steampunk Racing 3D by Arb Studios LLC (Google Play) Steam powered death race without rules. Don’t overtake your opponents, destroy them!

Trial Xtreme by Deemedya m.s. ltd. (Google Play) 60 levels of motorcycle madness with jumping, climbing and more.


Soulcraft by MobileBits GmbH (Google Play) One of the best free2play Action RPGs for Android so far. [Works with PS3 controller, was unplayable with OUYA controller! The character was always running in one direction with the last one.  For the ads you need the touchpad. Playable, but has a few minor problems. The screen remained dimmed now and then after I clicked the ads away.]

Tainted Keep by Ravn Studio (Google Play) Fight the evil wizard Morg to free the village of Greenhaven. Good gameplay and awesome graphics.


Tiki Golf 3D by Arb Studios LLC (Google Play) Awesome 3D Mini Golf with insane courses.

Tiki Golf Adventure Island by Arb Studios LLC (Google Play) Sequel with 4 more insane courses with 72 holes.

Virtua Tennis Challenge by SEGA (Google Play) Awesome tennis with 50 different opponents and 18 stadiums. Do the SPT World Tour and earn your money to stay in the competition.


Robotek HD by Hexage Ltd (Google Play) Simple but very addictive turn-based strategy game with crisp neon graphics. Robots took over the earth. Fight back and take over again. Read the strategy guide! [No problems with an OUYA controller. For the menu and choosing the nodes you need the touch pad.]

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6 thoughts on “Android games playable on the OUYA with controller

  1. Killr0

    R-type works well , I’ve downloaded from Amazon Appshop.
    If you keep pressed O button you can charge shoot and with A button you use orb.

  2. James Monkman

    R-type does NOT work well when sideloaded on the ouya. Sure, the dpad words but you have to use the touch pad to hit buttons on the screen to charge shoot or use the orb. Unplayable.

    1. Thomas Reisser Post author

      You can’t always rely on second-hand information. 🙂
      We will test all games ourselves, but it’ll take some time. Will post a short comment about playability or take the game from the list, if it’s unplayable.

      1. keith

        i was pretty excited to play soulcraft and tainted keep cuz im a big rpg fan, but it says “download failed because resources could not be found” and “verification failed” if you got it up and running Mr. Reisser, do you have any tips?

        1. Thomas Reisser Post author

          Root your OUYA and install Xposed framework and the Mod Collection mentioned at the top of the post. Then you can permanently install the Google Play store. No more verification failures with paid games or games which download additional content.

        2. Thomas Reisser Post author

          The last firmware update v1.0.459-r1 broke my Google Play store installation. Couldn’t get it working again. Re-installing via the Mod Collection didn’t help. When a fix is released I’ll post it here.

          A complete reinstall after deleting cache and data did the magic.

          Got Soulcraft installed before the update though. 😀
          Here is a little gameplay vid on how it plays on the OUYA:


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