We currently offer ad places on the Frontpage, the Game Review sites and the Emulators Guide. In July we had more than 48k visit, 35k unique visits and more than 70k pageviews. Our Klout score averages at 50.

Below are our ad prices. At the moment there are no ad rotations planned.

You want to place ads on our site or have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.


I attached 2 screenshots with ad placements included.
Media Guide - Front - DotOMedia Guide - Review - DotO



  • Fr-P1 – Leaderboard banner 728×90: $100/month
  • Fr-P2 – Leaderboard banner 728×90: $70/month


(these ads show up at the frontpage, the video and the Indie News, the Interviews and the Developer Diaries):

  • Fr-S1 – Square 250×250: $150/month
  • Fr-S2 – Square 250×250: $110/month

Game Review


(these ads show up in all game reviews):

  • Rv-P1 – Leaderboard banner 728×90: $90/month
  • Rv-P2 – Leaderboard banner 728×90: $60/month


(these ads show up in all game reviews and the TOP10-Games site):

  • Rv-S1 – Square 250×250: $130/month
  • Rv-S2 – Square 250×250: $90/month

Special: Emulator Guide

This is by far our most viewed single post since more than 4 month. It has a significant amount of backlinks and huge traffic over referrals.


  • Em-P1 – Leaderboard banner 728×90: $150/month
  • Em-P2 – Leaderboard banner 728×90: $130/month
  • Em-P3 – Leaderboard banner 728×90: $100/month

Please refer to the ad numbers (e.g. Fr-P1) you would like to place and tell us for how long the subscription should last.
You can cancel the monthly ads to the end of the month (tell us at least 3 days before end of the current month).

The price for additional months will be 25% less.

Prices for ad placments could raise in the future, but ongoing subscriptions will not be affected by the price increase.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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