Better Games, More Time, More Fun.

If you have ever played a game on a mobile or tablet you know that problem.

“Which games are worth playing and how do I find them?”

With the OUYA this problem will even expand as you can play basically every Android Game on the OUYA as well as the new games that are specifically for OUYA. As of writing this there are several hundred games announced to be coming to the OUYA and this list expands every day.

Yet, all you want is to play cool games without wasting your time in the OUYA Store right?

Let us help.

At “Day of the OUYA” we want to help grown up players find REALLY cool games!

Who cares if the graphics are not like those of current AAA games? If the gameplay is awesome we want to play it. More importantly, we want you to play those games.

At the same time we want to give you the chance to meet the developers behind the games. Those very same developers who bring you countless hours of fun and joy. Those developers who also require your input to make their games even better or just want to show you their latest games.

Get to know them and have a better gaming experience.

“This site is all about you and your OUYA experience. “

Simply Better Games, More Time, More Fun.

Meet the Team:

Thomas and Tim have met through their workspace and share a passion for all things related to video gaming and the OUYA.

Thomas Reisser aka Rick Deckard

Thomas Reisser aka Rick Deckard

Thomas got his first gaming device at the end of the 70s: Pong. A few years later, in December 1982 he got a brandnew C64 and didn’t stop playing until his second C64 died about 5 years later. Until then a four-digit number of games were played and countless Competition Pro joysticks were demolished in endless fights with his father for the best rankings in Decathlon, Summer Games and other.

Since 1987 Thomas took a break from gaming and focused on very different interests until 1995 when he bought a PC with Windows 95. Bundled with the computer came Cyberia and Thomas again was caught by the gaming fever. Since then he never really stopped to play games on the PC, the PS3 and Android. He has a passion for Adventures (Day of the Tentacle – obviously!, The Dig), Platform Games (Ghosts’n Goblins, Tomb Raider) and Ego-Shooter like Half Life 2.

He thinks, nowadays the indie game studios deliver the more extraordinary gaming ideas and a better gameplay. Important objectives that were driftig out of focus over the last years of mostly graphic-intensive games. These games exert an undeniable fascination that one cannot escape, but this fascination quickly subsides. Many of today’s AAA games lack the ability to captivate the player for a long time.

Since the start of the Kickstarter campaign of the OUYA Thomas got hope again to be able to play games on the big screen that are able to attract the gamer for a long period through imaginativeness, great level design and fantastic gameplay.

Tim Janssen aka Purple Tentacle

Tim Janssen aka Purple T

Tim has started playing PC Games at the tender age of 8 (ca.1990-1991) on monochrome screens and hasn’t stopped ever since.

Countless hours have been logged in youth friendly games such as Doom I + II before reaching puberty. Afterwards his focus shifted more to RPGs (DotT, Indiana Jones, Lands of Lore) and this influence can still be felt

Due to that mature love for video games, Tim also knows why older games were very successful despite mediocre graphics. One simple reason: gameplay.

Tim feels that the development of the OUYA and the stronger focus on indie game studios is the right step towards a better gaming experience that relies more heavily on unique game concepts and better gameplay in general.

All his reviews reflect those aspects and kids that look to find out which games have the better graphics or better gimmicks will have a hard time identifying with Tim’s picks.

However, if you’re a grown up with a taste for good gameplay you will love his game picks.

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  1. Chris

    Keep up the great work! I am thoroughly impressed with the site! If ya need some assistance with anything, I am a web designer and hobby writer. Let me know 🙂

  2. Hiro Nakagawa

    Dear Day of the OUYA,

    My name is Hiro Nakagawa of Fresvii, Inc.
    We will be releasing Frenbee GroupTalk for OUYA June 2013.
    Frenbee GroupTalk is a first group messenger app for OUYA. You can have fun creating private/public game groups and have group talks with all of your friends on OUYA!

    So, we are recruiting beta testers for the Frenbee GroupTalk beta test (for Windows 7 and 8) so far and it would be great help if you could post this info on your news.

    Thank you for your interest in recruiting our beta testers!
    For more information, please visit our website at http://fresvii.com

    Best Regards,
    Hiro Nakagawa


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